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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the rates per person?

Yes, the party prices are per person, adult and child are the same rates.
Evening shows add $2 per person over 12.

Some guests attending our party don’t want to stay for the Movie, do they pay the full price?

Guests visiting the party room only and not attending the movie are $5 each.

Will you have a G or PG rated movie on our date?

When scheduling our movies, we try to have something that a wide variety of people will enjoy. However, with that being said, we do not make the movies, we only show them. We are subject to what movies the film companies release at particular times of the year. No promises, but chances are pretty good that we will always have a G rated show.

Will you have “Herbie” playing on such and such a date? (particular movie on x date)

While release dates of movies are known several weeks in advance, what is not known is how long they will stay. Mondays we find out which movies stay or leave for the week of that Friday to Thursday. A birthday party planner will call you no later than Tuesday before your party to finalize the movie, times and other details.

How far in advance do I need to book? 

The sooner the better. We only have one party room, so if you have a particular time that you want it, and you are the first party booked (deposit received) for that day, you get first choice of times.
We ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice.

How far in advance do you know your show times?

Typically, we find out Monday for that Friday through Thursday.
Can I bring in a cake?
Definitely, the cake is up to you. We have a refrigerator or freezer (ice cream cake) to store your cake in while you are in your show.
 Don’t forget candles and matches – they are often forgotten.

Is there a deposit?

A $50 deposit is required to guarantee you the room. The sooner you pay the deposit, the sooner you guarantee yourself first pick of room times.

Is there a minimum number of people?

There is a minimum charge of 10 people – for the $12 package. If you plan on 10 people coming and only 6 people show up. You will be charged $70 the day of your party - $120 total. (We would have already received a $50 deposit)

Are there any age limits?

No age limits, we can accommodate young and old.  
Ages over 12 are charged an additional $2 for shows after 6pm.

Can I bring treat bags?

Yes, you can bring treat bags, BUT – we ask that you please don’t distribute them until you leave. They are not allowed in the theatres.

What is a movie item for the birthday child?

A movie item could be a movie button, mini-poster, or other promotional item.

What is included in a combo pack?

A Kiddie Tray includes a drink, popcorn and a candy.

It says one complimentary movie pass for the guest of honor – so do we pay for them?

Yes, they are charged the same as everyone else. The movie pass is for a future visit.

Do I need to bring in soda to drink while we are in the party room?

Drinks in the party room are included in the price.