The Goonies Halloween Celebration at Celebrity Theatres of Baton Rouge

Heeyyyy yyooouuuu guuuyssssss! Celebrity Theatres of Baton Rouge will be hosting a special showing of a timeless classic--The Goonies for one day only! Join us on Tuesday, October 31st for two special screenings! The first show will be at 4:00PM and the second show will be at 9:00PM. Tickets are on sale NOW for only $5! Make sure to follow this event on facebook as we release more details about the event! We might even be adding some more specials, stay tuned! 

$5.00 Margaritas
$5.00 Nachos
$5.00 Cheetos Popcorn (regular or flamin' hot)
$5.00 Medium Popcorn
$5.00 Kids Combo